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Just 4 friends who want to spread Crypto education to everybody

Providing Web3
education to
the youth of HK

Our mission

Who are we?

We all are currently studying at Hong Kong International School and have various backgrounds in terms of blockchain and crypto currency. Ever since a young age we have been fascinated with anything related to the decentralised internet, such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies, also known as Web3. We believe that decentrilzation will be a big part of the future and that it's essential for everyone to have atleast a basic understanding of what Web3 is and how it impacts them.


Our mission

Our mission is to spread crypto knowledge throughout the youth of Hong Kong, regardless of their

ethnic or economic backgrounds 

What is our purpose? 

We go to schools around Hong Kong, specifically public schools, and teach students about blockchian, cryptocurrency and web 3 as a whole. We will also host sessions at various locations throughout Hongkong, providing a peer-to-peer; kid-to-kid learning environment.


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Rexan Wong

I do blockchain and smart contract development and have built DApps and  for clients. I have experience in Solidity and Reactjs, plus many other blockchain dev tools, and demonstrated these skills in two internships at Web3 companies

I led a team in the 2022 Hong Kong Digital Asset Society Hackathon and got into the top 5 teams, being the only high school team out of all university teams in the hackathon.  I also have various teaching experience about Blockchain and NFTs, and also helped to create numerous NFT projects

 I have been learning about Web3 since more than 4 years ago, and am excited to share my knowledge with you!  I've also been trading and HODLing Crypto since a year ago on both centralised and decentralised exchanges

Fun Fact - My ENS domain : rexan.eth

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Jaiman Gupta

I first found out about web3 in late 2020 when I watched a youtube video about people becoming millionares by investing in something called "bitcoin". I was intruiged by this and decided to dig deeper into crypto currencies, blockchian and eventually, web3 as a whole.

Today, I'm valiant crypto enthusiast who enjoys trading crypto-curriences on various exchanges, blockchain-dev, mining crypto, and flipping nfts.

I know java, swift, python, html, css and solidity.

Fun Fact: When I first started trading crypto I was just exploring the platform and then accidentally bough a LOT of doge coin but was luckily able to cancel the order before it went through😅

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Sebastian Szekely

I was first introduced to web3 back in January of 2021.  Ever since then, my interest in blockchain and crypto as a whole has only continued to grow. 


I enjoy flipping NFTs and investing in cryptocurrencies on exchanges. I will be assisting in the creation of an NFT project in the future, and I'll be excited to share my knowledge with you!


Fun fact: I'm currently holding ETH #hodl  

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Callum Szekely

I found out about web3 in the summer of 2020. The thought of a blockchain-based web left me flabbergasted. I then did research about cryptocurrencies, as well as web3-related topics which allowed my parents to see my growing interest. They agreed to allow me to invest money into such things as of early 2021.

Some of the many coins that I am currently holding are Cardano, Ethereum, and Solana. I also hold NFTs and I am thinking about creating my own one day in the near future. 

Fun fact: The first coin I invested in was dogecoin.

Cant wait to collaborate with you in the future!


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Duncan Wong

Founder and CEO of CryptoBLK

Co - inventor of Linkable Ring Signature

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Vincent Poon

Crypto OG, co - founder of first HK Crypto exchange, experienced advisor 

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Jason Lau

Educator in career, relationship coaching and in finance

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Our sponsors, 
supporting organisations,
and advisors

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Alex Au

Hedge Fund

Crypto, Co-Founder of the Hong Kong Digital Asset Society

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Garrick Tang

Cryptopreneur, Co-founder and COO, Cosmo Real Estate Limited

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Lets Connect

  Thanks for filling out the form!  We will typically respond to you in 1~2 business days

If you'll like us to host a session at your school, set up workshops, provide feedback, or just answer any questions, feel free to fill out the form on the left!

We love to hear from you

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We accept donations

If you have learnt something from our sessions or want more of what we're doing, feel free to drop a donation to us!  We are a non-profit NGO, so we count on sponsors and community funding to keep our business going.  Your contribution is valued!  

Also, Cryptocurrency payments are accepted here!  If you want to drop a donation in Crypto, you can find out more here


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